If you love graphic novels, Neverlanders is an absolute MUST-read. From award-winning author/BAFTA-nominated screenwriter Tom Taylor and comic artist Jon Sommariva, Neverlanders is the bee’s knees when it comes to new graphic novels on the kidlit scene.

It tells the story of street kid Bee (previous pun intended!). Bee and her friends (also living on the streets) are navigating a cruel world, where food is scarce and adults can't be trusted. They stick together. They look after each other, and when they meet Paco, they invite him to share what little they have.

But Paco has a secret. He's not from this world. And he desperately needs their help.

Paco is from Neverland, but it’s not the Neverland you might be familiar with. In this Neverland, the pirates are on the verge of destroying everything. The fairies, mermaids and Paco are doing their best to protect it, but they are losing the fight. Peter Pan is gone, and things appear hopeless. Until Bee and her friends step in to help.

Wow, this is a roller-coaster read. There are so many twists in this book. Amazing, show-stopping twists that will have your jaw dropping. It’s immersive, engaging and addictive. It is non-stop action all the way through, but cleverly layered with character development throughout, so you really do become one with Bee and her group. You’ll want to join them. You’ll want to be them.

Sommariva’s illustrations are superb. They are beyond frame-worthy. They are works of art. And from a kid’s perspective, they are bright, colourful and action-packed.

There is some violence in this novel — some guns, a bit of blood and some epic battle scenes — but no more than a PG movie. It’s definitely a book kids are going to WANT to read, and it’s a great one for reluctant readers with full-colour illustrations filling every page in graphic-novel style.

If you love graphic novels (no matter your age), I highly recommend taking a look at Neverlanders. And if you’re trying to get a reluctant reader to open a book, this one just might be the ticket.